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Healing Journey with Guided Imagery CD



Track 1 – Healing Journey: This guided imagery and self hypnosis process allows you to take a healing journey from within. You will imagine yourself and allow yourself to experience yourself fully functioning, healthy and well. Then you will imagine your illness, pattern or disease. You will realize it is only temporary in your body and it is no part of you. It is a smudge and can be washed away. You will then call upon your internal healer and eliminate the unwanted pattern or image. In the end you will feel a sense of increased vitality and energy. 35 minutes
Track 2 – Healing Light: This guided imagery and self hypnosis process allows the listen to use the power of their mind and breath to create a healing change within their body. They will imagine a healing light coming into their body and removing any pain, blockages or darkness. 33 minutes

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