Healing the Inner Child with Hypnotherapy Suggestions ( Female Voice) CD



Track 1- Inner Child: A neglected “inner child” has been identified as a source of many of our emotional and mental behaviors that hinder us from life of safety, security and well-being. This hypnotherapy audio recording process will allow an effective tool for acknowledging and establishing a dialogue with your inner child. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Regression and Forgiveness: In this healing the inner child process you will go back to a time when you didn’t feel control in your life. You will realize what happened, how old you are, what you see, how you feel, etc. Then you will go into your heart and let it go. You will forgive that situation and person. You will forgive your dad,mother, siblings, friends, relatives, and you will also forgive your inner child. By doing this process you are taking back your personal power, so that it will never happen again. 30 minutes

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