Healing the wound of betrayal from a perpetrator MP3 Instant Download



When someone has betrayed, tricked or broken their loyalty or trust with you at a young age, it can create an emotional wound. You can learn to justify that destructive behavior, by even denying your true worthiness and joy. For example, “Well he really does love me” – after that person has betrayed you and broke your trust, yet you still take them back. That emotional wound can keep you entrapped and a victim. Signs of having this wound would be if you noticed a person or various people in your life always betraying you, fear of being cheated on by a partner, you don’t trust people, your faith is broken, your highly cynical of the world and true love, in the past you have been abused sexually or physically, etc. So in order to heal that wound within you, you have to relinquish the pain at the mind-body level. You have to identify the condition that created the wound, which is causing the problem. So in this personal empowerment process you are going to learn to resolve that hopeless fear and clean up any conditions associated with poor health. You will learn how to take back control, see the wisdom in that condition, and feel gratitude for the wisdom you received. 30 minutes


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