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Healing the wound of self shame MP3 Instant Download



When someone has shamed, embarrassed or humiliated you at a young age, it can create an emotional wound. You can learn to BUY into that verbal or emotional abuse by creating the behavior of self shaming. That emotional wound can keep you entrapped and a victim. Signs of having this wound would be if you continue to you dishonor yourself, you verbally speaking down about yourself, you have low self-esteem, poor self image, you dislike yourself, you reject compliments, you’re constantly complaining about people, you find yourself shaming another by gossiping and putting them down, rejecting the positive aspects of honable people, etc. So in order to heal that wound within you, you have to relinquish the pain at the mind-body level. You have to identify the condition that created the wound, which is causing the problem. So in this personal empowerment process you are going to learn to resolve that hopeless fear and clean up any conditions associated with poor health. You will learn how to take back control, see the wisdom in that condition, and feel gratitude for the wisdom you received. 30 minutes


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