Hypnosis for Child Birth CD



Track 1 – Create Numbness: This hypnosis for natural child birth process is to assist you in using your mind to create numbness and anethesation in the body, so that you can work with your body during the natural childbirth process. You will focus on being able to experience natural child birth without any discomfort at all. You will have a progressive relaxation process throughout this process as well as relaxing during the contractions. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Melt Away Pain: This hypno birthing process has you imagine yourself in a very safe and peaceful place, somewhere outside in nature. You will notice the sounds, the smells, the sensations all around and within as you explore this wonderfully peaceful place. Then you will find somewhere where you can lie down and rest. You will imagine looking up at the sun in the sky as it soars overhead and the soothing warmth is all around. In this process your mind will learning new ways of dealing with any discomfort it may experience. You can allow any discomfort to melts away and allow a new sense of relaxed peace to pass into the area of discomfort. 30 minutes

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