Hypnosis Help for Overcoming the Addiction to Pornography CD



Track 1 – Hypnosis to Overcome Addiction to Pornography: This addiction is known to create problems for yourself, your relationships as well as your family. This overcoming addiction and hypnosis CD will assist you in making positive changes in your life. You will take control of your life because you have the natural ability to succeed in all that you do. You will no longer need to take unnecessary risks of being found out, of loosing self respect and having to suffer those terrible feelings of guilt. You will no longer want or need to look at pornographic pictures. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Hypnosis for Intimate Sex: When someone gets addicted to pornography, it can change their relationships and distort things. You can be intimate without having sex and you can enjoy just being with your partner in an intimate way. You will learn to get out of your head and connect to your heart were your true feelings reside. 32 minutes

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