Hypnosis Weight Loss Program



Hypnosis Weight Loss Program for local and global clients

salem hypnosis weight loss

This hypnosis weight loss program is designed for someone that wants to drop around 15 pounds or less. The key to this program is DOING IT!!! Here is an example: You can read a self help book and gain all the information, BUT if you do not apply the tools, it is worthless. So you need to be committed to following through with this hypnosis weight loss program for 3-months, everyday. You can listen to 2 recordings back to back at night. If you feel or think that you need extra support, someone to be a health coach and need to held accountable, then this Salem hypnosis weight loss program is not a good fit for you.  We have other weight loss programs to better support your weight loss goals. But if you think or feel you can do and will do everyday for 3-months, here is what you get with this hypnosis weight loss program:


salem hypnosis weight loss

One personalized sessions recorded onto a cd or emailed to you in a mp3 format. (These sessions are geared towards your specific triggers, food cravings, you personal desired results as well as what is keeping you stuck. We will focus on changing your negative habits and patterns, while installing new positive ones to give you control you seek.)
One 1/2 hour personal coaching session
— One nutritional coaching session with handout materials
Eight Weight Loss CDs or 16 mp3 downloads. Includes the following cd titles: NOTE: If I feel one of these titles does not meet your needs, I will replace it with a different title.
1. Healthy Weekend Eating
2. Create the Body You Prefer By Eating Healthy & Exercising
3. Escape from Prison
4. Balance Your Emotions for Weight Loss Success
5. Motivation for Exercise
6. Say Goodbye to Dieting and Starving
7. Portion Control and Eating Slower
8. Eliminate the Desire for Junk Food
— One nutritional information packet
Six month support system (either via email or phone)

salem hypnosis weight loss
Note: Any additional one-on-one sessions after this program is complete will cost only $85.00, regardless of the length of the session. We do not charge hourly. That is a $15.00 savings each session.

Additional Note: If you start this program and find yourself struggling, you can apply the $200 towards the 3-month program below.

Listen to what one client had to share: “Thank you, I searched many websites but I stuck to yours because the amount of information you provided really felt like you cared for your service and it didn’t come of as commercial at all, like some other places. It was also informative from different perspectives and not forceful and I liked that we were offered personal contact with you. Your website has an overall unique touch, it doesn’t come up in your face, it looks personal and unique to you – so it makes us feel like you are sharing a little piece of yourself too and that somehow gave me more trust in your service than other websites that came off a bit commercial. 

I provide “service”(online platform) myself, so I hoped this information could be useful to you because I know “client perspective” can be helpful and encouraging to know.” Adelina 

I worked at 4 different Positive Changes Hypnosis centers in Northern California. In 2004, I was awarded at the Positive Changes Hypnosis Convention – “Outstanding Slenderific/Hypo-Nutrition Coach of the Year”. I know hypnosis works because I have used it for myself, my friends and family members. We also work with clients locally, in Portland and around the United States.



12Time Award Winner – Voted Best Hypnotherapist of Salem Oregon for Hypnosis

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