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I AM Daily Affirmations Custom



I AM daily affirmations custom mp3 or cd created by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within

I am daily affirmations custom

Business Hall of Fame – Voted best hypnotherapist for the past 12 consecutive years

You maybe asking yourself why would you want to have your own I AM daily affirmations custom mp3 or cd recording? Here is what one client has to say. “Thank you, I searched many websites but I stuck to yours because the amount of information you provided really felt like you cared for your service and it didn’t come of as commercial at all, like some other places. It was also informative from different perspectives and not forceful and I liked that we were offered personal contact with you. Your website has an overall unique touch, it doesn’t come up in your face, it looks personal and unique to you – so it makes us feel like you are sharing a little piece of yourself too and that somehow gave me more trust in your service than other websites that came off a bit commercial. 

I provide “service”(online platform) myself, so I hoped this information could be useful to you because I know “client perspective” can be helpful and encouraging to know.” Adelina

There are various important reasons why you DO WANT your own I AM daily affirmations custom recording. Here are just a few….

1. Get a custom, state of the art professionally recorded I AM daily affirmations custom mp3 to assist you with personal change and empowerment. Your name will be recorded throughout as well as your specific needs, wants, desires, and end results. I include “I and YOU” statements as well. This creates a very powerful effect!

2. You identify better when your name is repeated throughout your I AM daily affirmations custom compared to a generic daily affirmations audio recordings on one specific topic. You can email me your list affirmations for review. YES! You will have DIRECT communication with me. We can chat via email, zoom or over the phone before I make your recording. There is always a FREE 15-minute consultation when I make any custom recording. If I feel I can support you in writing your affirmations more effectively, I am here.

3. Your I Am daily affirmations  custom mp3 is tailored to your behavior patterns and current situation. You are not limited to just one subject or issue. You can email me up to 4 pages of daily affirmations.

4. Everyone is uniquely different and respond better to certain suggestions. Some people like to add specific suggestions or ideas to their custom daily affirmations mp3.

5. Your can request a long I AM daily affirmations custom mp3 or CD or a shorter audio recording. It can range from 40, 35, 30 or 20 minutes. The time does depend on how much you want to work on and if you have various topics.

6. You can request a I AM daily affirmations custom with some motivation information, which you can listen to while you are driving before you begin the relaxation process at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

7. You can request the same exact I AM daily affirmations to be added as a subliminal in the background. This ADDS a DOUBLE layer. I offer this service FREE of charge. You can also request solfeggio frequencies, healing tones, specific relaxing music, nature sounds, nature sounds with music, no music, and much more. Just ask and it is given!

I am daily affirmations custom

Still wondering if you need a I AM daily affirmations custom recording? Here’s some client success stories:

“Hello, Kerie; I have been searching the internet for some help for about 4-5 months. When I found you/your site, my life changed instantly! All I can say is “EUREKA!!!” There is something “Magical” about your voice!. when you blend your voice with the music its like a miracle is started, (and it is started!).(and granted!!!!). After listening to that audio “INSTANTLY! my mind was “Healed” from the negativity that harbored my mind and cluttered it up.

You have a great reward someday for the most efficient work you do and help people with. Be very proud of yourself!; you are an angel in disguise!; seriously. I’ve never found anyone who has the ability you have. You are exquisitely talented and qualified with your hypnosis ability’s! I just had to tell you; please “DON’T-EVER-QUIT!”; your service. Its difficult to find someone like you who has a touch such as you have. I tremendously appreciate you, Kerie; you are a miracle.” – Lynn S.

“Thanks for the great process. You know you put some love into it. Your awesome!” – Ken K.

I am daily affirmations custom

How does the communication happen at Empowered Within – Kerie Logan?

Once I receive the confirmation order  I will then contact you via email address. If you feel comfortable, you can send me an email immediately after you made your purchase.

It helps me out greatly when you can tell me a little about what you want to change, what might be keeping you stuck, and/or want to manifest in your life. If I feel that I need to send you a confidential intake form, I will email it. Once you get the email intake form, you just hit “REPLY” to the email and answer the questions. Some questions may apply to you and others may not. So you can leave the one’s that don’t apply to you blank. If I feel the need to call you, I will email you. If you don’t feel comfortable talking with me because you had a negative experience before with a hypnotherapist, I will not take it personally. Your comfort and ease with this whole process is my intention.

Once I make your customized daily affirmations audio recording, I will upload it onto my member’s page. I will email you the link, with a username and password. You will be able to download it and listen. You will have an opportunity to make any suggestions for improvement to your customized audio recording. Once I make the changes, I will either upload the new custom daily affirmations mp3 audio recording or mail out your cd.

If you like, after you have processed your order, you can contact me via email at empoweredwithin@yahoo.com. Once you get your custom recording sample, you will have 5-days to notify us via phone or email your request for any recommended changes to your custom recording. If you wait past the 5-days, we “may” grant another 5-days grace period to make minor changes. After the 10-days, all custom sales and changes are final. We do not make adjustments or changes to custom audio recordings after 10-days. Refunds will not be issued.

I am daily affirmations custom recording

I am daily affirmations custom recording

To view the YouTube video presentation version of “Why and How Kerie Logan became an Intuitive Hypnotherapist”. Click here.

To view the YouTube video of “Kerie’s Professional Code of Ethics”, click here.

 I am daily affirmations custom

Order your I AM daily affirmations custom recording today!

2 reviews for I AM Daily Affirmations Custom

  1. Sandra Strong

    May 6, 2019

    Dear Kerie,

    When I made my request for a custom daily affirmations mp3, I had no idea the magic you would weave into it. I have used affirmations for years, but the way you weaved all the elements together with your voice…well it was magic. I could feel your words and how you spoke as if you were speaking directly to me and for me. Your work is amazing. Thanks again for all that you do. Many blessings, Sandra Strong

  2. Steven

    March 2019, Hello Kerie, Thank you so much for the custom daily affirmation mp3 for abundance and prosperity. I have been listening to it every day and really like your voice. I like how you corrected and improved my original affirmations as well as added a few of your own. You are truly an artist. I am so blessed to have found you.Thanks again. Steven

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