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imagery story for kid


Imagery Story for KidYour Friend Totoro is a wonderful process for people of all ages. You will imagine in your mind that you are in a magical field. There will be Totoro. Totoro is from a Disney movie called, “Your Neighbor Totoro”. You will pretend to go on a magical journey with Totoro and then fall asleep in the warm sun on top his big furry belly.

You can listen to the imagery story for kid free on my YouTube Channel.


I just came back from the Seattle, WA Emerald City Comic Con and wanted to share my art and the art I love with you all. The artist that inspired this recording is Kevin Yan. You can find him at or

He is so talented and has a beautiful spirit. Hope you all enjoy this imagery story for kid recording. This audio recording was created by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within. You can sample this audio recording for FREE on YouTube.

imagery story for kid


Imagery story for kid



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