Increasing Self Confidence with Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Communicating Feeling: This self hypnosis process will assist you in expressing yourself without feeling vulnerable. You will recognize that your feelings and attitudes are just as valid as anyone else’s. Your opinion is just as valid and you will develop the right to express your opinions. You will find that communicating your feelings will help dissipate them, then you can let them go. 27 minutes
Track 2 – I Would if I Could: In this hypnotherapy process you will begin to believe in yourself, no longer denying your dream in mind. You will begin to feel the pride, the confidence that makes it all happen. You will begin to feel comfortable with your past, realizing your past is a very valuable piece of education. You will be able to let go any guilt or accidents from the past as you begin to make each day happen, your way. 27 minutes

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