Infertility Help with Self Hypnosis Suggestions in Female Voice CD



Track 1 – Infertility: In this hypnosis for infertility process you will imagine your body is lit up with tiny lights, like Christmas tree lights, of different colors. You will examine which switches turn on these lights. You will explore your body to see if any switches have been turned off or are not as bright. You will be able to use your imagination to explore and control the switches. 27 minutes
Track 2 – Silver Sack – Release Negativity: This track is very effective in releasing negativity. You will imagine that you find a silver sack, which has a magical quality about it. You can put things into the sack and according to how you feel, they can remain there intact or they can dissipate with no effort at all. In this process you can examine those negative feelings and decide if you feel they are inappropriate for you right now. With this track you have the choice to place them in the sack where they’ll remain until your ready to deal with them or if you feel that you never need those feelings and thoughts again, they will disintegrate rapidly inside the sack. 30 minutes

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