IVF Treatment Help and Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – IVF Treatment: This hypnosis IVF treatment process is designed for women who have already undergone IVF treatment and are waiting for their body to accept the fertilized egg. You will communicate with your body and mind as you travel deep within you – in your womb. You will know that it is safe to accept this newly fertilized cell and if there are any cells that are standing on guard, ready to attack, you will reassure them and let them know this cell is a friend – your baby to be. 29 minutes
Track 2 – Emotional Baggage: In this process you are going to a cottage in you mind. Inside you will see the emotional clutter and you will put all those negative emotions and memories into a black bag. Then you will start working and getting your cottage in just how you want it to be. Tending to you inside and giving back to you in a positive way. 28 minutes

IVF Treatment Help and Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD

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