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Law of Attraction Love CD



Law of Attraction Love CD

Track 1 – Spiritual Journey: In the law of attraction love process, you often hear “like attracts like”. A successful relationship, whether intimate, familial, social, or business, is one that is built upon commonality. This process will assist you in attracting a partner or soul mate. 30 minutes

Track 2 – Love Law of Attraction: In this love law of attraction process I first have a five minute introduction about how to clean up your vibrational energy so you will start attracting the relationship you desire. This part is very important for your success because I don’t want to keep attracting the “wrong” relationships. Then you will relax and focus your attention on manifesting your desires as you trust the universe will bring to you the perfect partner in perfect timing. 40 minutes


12 Reasons Why Law of Attraction Not Working for Today’s Real World Problems

Why Law of Law of Attraction Not Working

In this article I wanted to share with you all some important information about why law of attraction not working. If you are familiar with Law of Attraction or not, this information will shed some light into why Law of Attraction does not work for the average person today. Why this information is important not just to me, but for you is I have witnessed countless times how Law of Attraction can either do good or evil. So many people still struggle with the concept and believe that action brings about all the results. It is about time someone was honest about the good and bad, since we just passed the time period for New Year’s resolutions. Like many people around the world, we try to set New Year’s resolutions or dabble with Law of Attraction to create a change. The majority of people eventually gives up and fails. This can leave some people feeling as if Law of Attraction is just another money making scam or fade. With all integrity and truth, I would have to answer Yes and No. Some may say, “Well how can that be?” Well on the truthful side, so many elements and tools have been left out for anyone to truly be successful at Law of Attraction. I myself have read several different books about Law of Attraction and have still been left unsatisfied. That is why so many people can still feel like they are being left in the dark. When you read the 12 reasons why law of attraction not working for today’s real world problems, you will no longer be in the dark.  As one reader from my recent book put it some clearly, “I have stacks of books about manifesting and none of them explain it like you do. It’s like they kept what you know a secret from everyone. I just want to throw away all this books now.”- M. Richardson.

So with that said, in time you will either you learn to love Law of Attraction or hate it, you fear it or enjoy it, you talk about or you practice it, and the list can go on and on. I will be honest with you all and say when I first heard about the Secret, I did enjoy it. What I did not enjoy was all the loop holes and lack of step-by-step guidance. I mean really, if I just imagine that I am driving a fancy sports car it will magically appear? I don’t think so. There are 34 important components when it comes to Law of Attraction and I have not read or heard anyone once cover all this information. I believe that is why my clients and I get so frustrated with Law of Attraction. I know a few people have figured out some of those components from trial and error, while a good majority has not. So let me enlighten you all with my broader perspective on this topic because I want to help. Below I will express the loop holes or lack of vital information that I have discovered over the past 10-years in working with clients.

  1. Law of Attraction is very similar to meditation, hypnosis, guided imagery, and/or creative visualization. You are quieting the chattering mind, focusing your thoughts, affirming your desires, activating your emotions, and going within. The only difference with Law of Attraction is there has never been a therapeutic approach and there should be. I use Law of Attraction as a therapeutic approach all the time with my clients and here is the main reason. When all of us are born, we most likely encounter some form of negative programming about ourselves, the world, society, peers, career, money, self worth, religion, or even love. Here are some examples. We can call ourselves stupid, ugly, worthless, not good enough, or some other negative word. We say cruel and hurtful things to ourselves, but would never say those things to someone we love. Someone planted that seed of self doubt in our minds. Those negative seeds can and will prevent you from making Law of Attraction work. That is why some people need a mentor or coach to help them view their situation from a broader perspective because that person is not enmeshed or caught up in your emotional pain. We have all heard or read that we must release our resistance and what they are trying to say is we need to release our negative programming!

  2. There is a difference between the ego/pride and the heart’s desire. Currently many Law of Attraction books are focused upon feeding those lower energy vibrations such as ego desires, pride, materialism, and social status. The best way to express this fact is just buy a magazine or turn on the television. Advertisements feed off our desires and ego. What is so distressing here is the ego is never satisfied or content. You will always want more and more. The problem is the universe really only gives you what your heart desires because that is a higher energy vibration. So the point is, I really do not need a fancy sports car to feel content in life. We have all heard the saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness”. Yet over the years I have seen people with a grocery list of things they want to manifest, but lack the tools, direction, means, and skills of obtaining it. It is frustrating for me at times to hear people preach Law of Attraction when they do not provide you with the tools or information you really need to be successful. So why do so many Law of Attractions book focus upon the ego/material aspects more? Well, it makes sells, it is what people want to hear, and makes money.

  3. There is a big difference between expectations and anticipation. Time and time again, I have read in various Law of Attractions books to expect it! Well those expectations can trip us up also. We don’t like it when people place high expectations upon us, so why do we continue to place high expectations on the universe?

  4. The majority of Law of Attractions books do not tell you how to go general when you have areas of resistance such as relationships, work, family, money, body image, or health. I mean let’s face it; almost everyone has issues with money and greed, or a specific family member or coworker. Therefore, you will experience some form of resistance around the subject of money or relationships. Without the understanding, guidance, and tools, you are doomed for failure and you will continue to repeat the same automatic behaviors and patterns.

  5. Affirmations! There have been several books written about “I am” statements, affirmations, and wishful thinking, but if I do not believe what I am saying then those words are meaningless. So if I say, “I love myself” and I do not love every part of my body, my appearance, or I am hard on myself, then that “I love myself” statement holds very little value or meaning. What they should be doing is teaching you how to write an “I am” statement that speaks to you and empowers you.

  6. Make a vision board: Again, you are taught how to create a vision board, but most people make one with several different pictures and hardly ever look at it. Then they expect that since they made it, it should be working. Well this is not always true. There could be some resistance within the images or words you selected.

  7. I know that everyone loves a good rampage of appreciation, but has there ever been a book that teaches you HOW to create one for yourself? I have not found one yet and in my book I give you several examples in how to create a rampage.

  8. I don’t think I have read one Law of Attraction book that focuses upon just living a better life, truly being content, how to release our resistance, or why we should love our enemies. All of those things are important for our overall success and well-being in life. Since 90% of your programming is run by our subconscious mind, the average person will have some resistance that will need to be cleared when it comes to manifesting your desires. Why? Because studies have shown that less than 10% of the mind is conscious. That means that 90% of what we all do on a daily basis is run by our subconscious mind. Why so many people fail at Law of Attraction is it takes commitment, willingness and courage to change. In order to be successful you need to make changes in your subconscious mind. Therefore, it is almost impossible for any person to endure at times when you are not using your whole mind. Plus, so many people get stuck in the 10% conscious mind to act with logic and reason, while 90% of your mind runs entirely on your subconscious programming.

  9. Many people have heard that they just have to think positive thoughts, but that can be difficult when you are face to face with an unpleasant person or circumstance. People have not been taught how to monitor their thoughts and feelings or why that is even important. Therefore every negative thought and feeling we have towards another person is a mirror reflection of something going on inside us. Yet, several Law of Attraction books do not cover this self help aspect, which is a key ingredient. We all need to learn to focus on dealing with our own issues first and soon we will begin to notice how the rest of the world changes before our eyes.

  10. You cannot force anyone to love you, give you a raise at work, do something for you, respect you, propose marriage to you, listen to you, obey you, or even like you. Too many people try using Law of Attraction to manipulate another person’s free will, instead of accepting them for who they are as a human being. We are all imperfectly perfect and we all need to embrace that fact with more love, kindness, cooperation, and understanding.

  11. Visualization exercises are great, but not everyone is a visual learner. Now if you are a visual learner, great. Some people might add too many details and that can cause problems as well. Plus, if it is not the highest and best for you, the universe will not bring it. Then when you do not get exactly what you want, you get frustrated or believe it does not work. Then you eventually give up. More people need to learn how to fine tune their visualization exercises or discover what could be keeping them stuck.

  12. I want….”  Many of us are taught to write out or say what we want. Now the thing many Law of Attractions books leave out is IF in the saying or writing there any past negative memories, hurt feeling, or unresolved issues associated with that “I want” statement, then you will most likely by default attract more of the I DO NOT want into your life experience. How is this possible? Well when you are saying that “I want” statement, you are remembering the things that you do not want at the same time. In my book I show you exactly how to create a rampage and statement that is resistance free.

And I did not ever cover the analytical people or the ones that are angry with the Universe or God. I could go on, but I hope you can understand WHY Law of Attraction might not work for the average person today. As you can see from the list of twelve things, there are several areas in where Law of Attraction can leave a person discouraged and questioning why it is not working. Therefore if I was baking a cake, I would most certainly be leaving out a dozen key ingredients.

Now for the good news, it has always been my heart’s desire for everyone to live a better life. I have been teaching it, practicing it and living it for the past 10 years. So when I was inspired to write the book, “Affirming and Focusing upon Living a Better Life”, I truly intended for everyone to benefit from the information. I was not writing the book with the intention of making lots of money or how to sell on a hot topic. I wanted to bring about clarification, understanding, compassion, and happiness in another person’s life. I wanted to cover all the loop holes that I see my clients struggling with day after day. I wanted to support people in moving up the vibrational scale with ease and grace, without feeling the need to force things. Everyone loves a good story and each chapter is filled with life stories from my clients, family, friends, and me. Life stories help us relate to one another and they make us think. I have learned that life stories do have a life of their own. You can read a good book and forget about it content later. Yet a story that moves you, speaks to you or inspires you will stick like glue.

I know that Law of Attraction does work. People just need more guidance, clarification, understanding, and be able to learn the complete recipe to living a better life. I have seen and heard how many clients have created a new mold within six months. My heart desires this for everyone, not just my clients. And even if you do not want to manifest anything in your life, this book can heal your troubled mind and heart. That is why I wrote this article. I want you to live a life full of more joy, happiness, laughter, heart’s desires, and contentment. Here is what some readers have to say.

“Just reading the first few pages, you know that you will be in for a treat. This book is written by a woman who has experienced things that few will ever comprehend; there is a fire in her heart that pours into this book, and you will feel the love and hope that she carries for not just a certain type of person, but for all the world. This book sets an example of someone living what they say (as in “practice what you preach”), and she succeeds at it! So many of us grow up seeing people who say one thing and do another; the author of this book gives us something more, she shows us how to be happy, by following her own advice. Though she references (a) ‘Higher Power/s’, that shouldn’t discourage anyone of any particular faith, or lack thereof. This book is for every single being in the world to breathe, read and experience. So if true happiness is a goal, then this book is your pot of gold.” – Ana Vick

I have been searching my whole life for this information. I went to counselors and therapists. I wanted to know WHY things were they way they were and nobody could answer my questions. I finally found what was seeking and now I feel at peace.” – Jacqueline Young.

“This is a tremendous book for anyone interested in living their life and dreams to their fullest potential. Author Kerie Logan leads the reader on a journey that extends way beyond positive thinking, and expands the concept to affirmative living, creating and achieving your hearts desires. Each chapter is packed full of tools to overcome common life challenges, and enjoy establishing positive growth in your career, relationships, health and society. Kerie has taken a common sense approach by packing the pages full of examples to illustrate how to apply the principles in a multitude of situations, something rarely if ever offered in most books with manifestation concepts. It does not matter what your background or religious beliefs are, these ideas can be integrated into a variety of perspectives successfully, as we can all use new ideas on how to improve our lives and our world.” –LJ


Currently I have created a website exclusive for the Audio Book and Paperback. When you purchase either one for $24.95, you will 8 audio recording to support the listener with focusing and affirming. Each audio recording is an 8-minute rampage on the following subjects:

– Finding a sense of relief
– Happiness
– Making Peace with “what is”
– Attracting Abundance
– Healthy Body/Mind/Spirit
– Developing Courage
– Daily Gratitude

You can also find the book at various websites and in different formats. The book is available in Paperback, Audio book, PDF, and E-book. The Nook, Kindle Edition or PDF format is only $9.99.

I hope you have found this information useful and if you did, please share it.


Kerie Logan

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