Memory and Concentration Improvement with Self Hypnosis CD



Track 1 Hypnosis for Memory and Concentration: This self hypnosis process will cover all aspects of increasing your memory, improving some listening skills as well as keeping you focused so you can concentrate better. Since you have decided how quickly and easily you want to learn, this cd will assist your subconscious mind to retain the learning information and storing it in your mind for many years. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Hypnosis for Listening Skills: This self hypnosisi process will assist you in being able to really listen more attentively and being able to truly absorb the information you hear. Sometimes we unconsciously shut off our ears to what others are saying because we automatically assume that we already know the answer to questions we’ve asked. This process will help uncork your ears as well as improve your ability listen to non-verbal language. 29 minutes

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