Mending and Healing with Soul Retrieval Part 1 CD



Track 1 – Creating a Sacred Space: This soul retrieval process focus in on you creating a sacred space. You’ll be able to open the doorway between the middle world in which you live every day and the enchanted terrain of the Upper and Lower Worlds. Through your prayers, you can create sacred space at any location on Earth, and from here you can begin your journey. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Journey to Eden: This soul retrieval will take you back to our mythical Eden, back to the Mother that we were separated from when we adopted the belief that we’d been cast from the garden. It’s an important journey because even if you were not raised in a religious home where you learned the myth of Adam and Eve, you have been affected by a culture that embraces the idea that we left paradise and can never return. 30 minutes

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