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Natural Child Birth with Self Hypnosis CD



Track 1 – Child Birth Natural: In this hypno birthing process you will create two different realities. The first one is of what is going on around you and the second is a beautiful place in nature. You will active all your senses in this beautiful place in your mind. You will let your body take care of itself as you flow with each contraction. You will then go inside and make contact with your baby and say hello. You will tell your baby that you are looking forward to the birth as your baby is entering the world. This process is great to listen to while you are in labor. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Total Relaxation: This hypnosis process is designed to relax each and every part of yourbody. You will focus and feel your body relaxing, while you give yourself permission to relax. You are using visualization and body scanning in this exercise. 34 minutes

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