Practical Exams Support with NLP and Hypnotherapy Tools CD



Track 1 – Practical Exams: In this hypnotherapy and NLP process you will project your mind in the future. You will see yourself preparing to go for your exam. You will notice how calm and relaxed you feel as you get ready. You will go through each step and motion in your mind. You will also testing on a different element and find it easy to shift your mind from one mode to the other to gain access to the various aspects that you want to demonstrate. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Presentations and Exams: This self hypnosis process will assist you in realizing that your nerves are in fact, excitement when taking your examination and/or doing a presentation. You will tap into your natural ability to succeed and you will see it as an opportunity to excel, to shine,to project yourself in a positive way, to show that you know what you’re doing, and have learned your course well. 30 minutes

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