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Pre-Surgery Self Healing Help with Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Pre Surgery Healing: This guided imagery and hypnosis process will assist anyone who about to have surgery. It will assist them in eliminating any worries, fears or concerns about their surgery.They will release any harmful, negative and unpleasant thoughts. It will let them know they are in healing hands. They will experience their body healing as they focus and feel a change occurring within their body. This CD prepares the listener’s mind and body for a safe and healthy recovery after surgery. 40 minutes
Track 2 – Summoning Your Inner Healer: This guided imagery and hypnosis process is for people who want to magnetize and radiate the proper flow of energy, light and/or power necessary to amplify one’s own healing process. The inner healer works through the chakra system of the body and chooses the chakra closest to the afflicted area of the body. When calling on your internal healing mechanism, it is important to remember that your soul may have a purpose concerning our life’s plan that our intellect does not realize. 24 minutes

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