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Psychic Hotline Addiction – Subliminal suggestions to take the high road and overcome the psychic hotline addiction mp3 download at Empowered Within.

Psychic Hotline Addiction

Psychic Hotline Addiction Subliminal mp3 download Product Description: This psychic hotline addiction help process will have you standing at a fork in the road of your life. You have come to a decision point. Should you continue to do what you have been doing with regard to constantly seek psychic phone line advice? This process will help you decide which road is in your best interest and support you in finally overcoming the psychic hotline addiction.

This subliminal process will allow you to set your intention to release need to contact or call a psychic. Lots of positive affirmations and suggestions. The music is very soothing and inspiring.

This psychic addiction hotline help subliminal mp3 was professionally created by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within. 30 minutes

Psychic Hotline Addiction

Psychic Hotline Addiction

Utilizing a 5-Part Encoding System to Assure Your Subliminal Audio Suggestion Success at Empowered Within

Empowered Within handcrafts each of our subliminal audio suggestion-messages mp3, using a licensed Subliminal Recording Software. We have combined the most effective direct subliminal suggestions and subliminal messages to deliver you the results you seek. All our subliminal mp3 downloads and cds are professional, honest and effective in sending positive affirmations directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious mind.

There are many different ways in creating subliminal cds. Most subliminal CD manufacturers choose one method, such as a “background whisper”. We combine the five subliminal mechanisms to assure results!

Below are the four subliminal audio suggestion mechanisms we use:

1. Brain Wave Generator (Plays sound frequency’s that stimulate brain waves, making the brain more susceptible to subliminal suggestions.)

Psychic Hotline Addiction

2. Stereo Confusion (Putting messages in one ear and different messages in the other ear.)
Psychic Hotline Addiction

3. Subliminal Messages (Background whispers, where the conscious mind only hears part of the message, yet the subconscious mind compensates and pieces together the whole message, accepting it as a mental command.)

4. Reverse Messages (Using reverse subliminal suggestions has been shown to accelerate the change process. It’s believed that the part of the brain that deciphers reverse speech has the ability to bypass the logical filtering process. Therefore, the reversed subliminal suggestions can pass through to the subconscious.)

5. Binaural Beats: Binaural beat recordings work by sending certain slightly different tones to the left and right ears. This creates a third “binaural beat” inside the mind at a specific frequency. This frequency is specifically chosen to generate a certain mood, such as relaxation or creativity. The binaural beat frequency may change multiple times during a session to give you the best experience possible. Binaural beats are specially generated sound frequencies that can be used to alter your brainwaves and influence your moods. You can use binaural beat recordings to bring about specific states of consciousness, such as relaxation, creativity, or being “in the zone”.

Psychic Hotline Addiction

What are Subliminal Suggestions and How Does it Work?

Subliminal Suggestions are messages designed to pass below the normal limits of perception, so you are less likely to reject them consciously. Subliminal suggestions are perfect for those strong willed people, who don’t like being told what to do and keep sabotaging themself. That’s why the subliminal suggestion are inaudible to the conscious mind, yet audible to the unconscious or super conscious mind. So the subliminal suggestion is transmitted briefly, unperceived consciously and therefore perceived unconsciously.

How Powerful are Subliminal Audio Suggestions?

Subliminal suggestions or subliminal messages gain potential influence over your subconscious mind. It is so powerful that they may be able to circumvent the critical functions of the conscious mind, and it has often been argued that subliminal suggestions/messages are therefore potentially more powerful than ordinary suggestions. Here’s an example: Let’s say someone tells you, “You look really pretty in that dress.” If you’re not use to compliments, you will immediately reject it. Now if you’re listening to a subliminal suggestions audio recording for self confidence, you will NOT consciously reject the suggestions. Therefore, it is suggested that you listen to subliminal suggestions for at least 28-days to get the best results.