Regain Your Self Confidence with Hypnotherapy Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Garden of Life: In this hypnotherapy regain your self confidence process will have you imagine that you are standing in a garden, a garden which symbolizes your life. You will look around and notice some dried up leaves. These dried leaves symbolize all the negative conditions from your past and from your present-they represent uncomfortable feelings (feeling of inadequacy, not being good enough, feelings of inferiority or embarrassment). In this process you will get to remove all the negative emotions in your garden of life. Then you will replace them with positive emotions, as you plant new positive seeds. 28 minutes
Track 2 – Increase Self-Esteem: In this self hypnosis process you will relax, quiet the mind, and go inside to heal yourself and increase you self esteem as well as your self worth. 36 minutes

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