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Releasing Your Resistance and Self Love Healing CD



Track 1 – A Guided Visualization on Resistance: Resistance is an unwillingness to go further. It is a reaction (as opposed to response) to pain, mental or physical. Left investigated, it stops us in our tracks. Exploring resistance teaches patience. In this process, don’t try to get around the resistance, get into it. Resistance is the meditation. In this visualization there can be a deep softening of the ligaments, the flesh, the musculature all around the place of suffering or discomfort to allow sensation to just be as it is. This process can leads to greater spaciousness and openness that allows awareness to bubble up as you discover liberation. 30 minutes
Track 2 – A Healing Shared with Loving Kindness Meditation: This meditation is a variation on the loving kindness meditation. This process is among is the most powerful for healing’s. It is the first and final stage of healing. You are clearing, showing loving kindness and finding completion. More than simply removing pain, it approaches the end of suffering. It integrates the mind into the heart. It allows you to take a sacred breath. It cultivates a sense of the shared sacred. 30 minutes

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