Self Healing Cancer Meditation Part 2 CD



Track 1 – Guided Imagery Cancer Victory Meditation: In this guided meditation process, you will take a much more aggressive approach. You will make yourself comfortable and begin to relax the body. You will imagine a warm, golden light glowing in the space just above your head. This light has healing powers and it descend downward, healing you. This intelligent light communicated with the organs, bones, marrow, and cells. Your T-Cells, B-Cells and other natural killer cells become active and alert. Attacking the enemy from the bloodstream. 35 minutes
Track 2 – The Dialogue with Pain: In this guided imagery and hypnosis process is especially useful for uncovering and resolving the emotional meaning of pain, and relieving the suffering associated with pain. I encourage you have an open-minded exploration of this process even if you feel that there is no emotional component to your pain.30 minutes

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