Self Healing Cancer Series Eight CD



2 Disc Cancer CD Series.
Track 1 – Worry Warrior Imagery: This process is a great antidote because whenever you find yourself worrying, and whenever you decide to stop it, you can replace your worrying thoughts with an image and affirmation. 28 minutes
Track 2 – Evocative Imagery: This process will allow you to evoke the inner qualities you want, instead of getting stuck in fear. When you focus on the “inner world” within you, you can create peacefulness, confidence, patience, strength, courage, and calmness. Doing this is VERY important in your recovery process. 30 minutes
Track 3 – Meeting Your Inner Healer: In this imagery process you will relax and go to your special place of healing. There you will meet an Inner Healer or Inner Advisor, who is wise, powerful, friendly, protective, and knows a lot about healing. 30 minutes
Track 4 – Your All-Inclusive Healing Imagery: This imagery can allow you to revisit, update and refine your healing imagery. It will give you opportunities to imagine images discussed in previous processes and see if other things you’ve learned or experienced in your cancer treatment to date can now be included. There are many ways to talk about healing and many ways to imagine it. 35 minutes

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