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Self Healing Cancer Series Four CD



2 Disc Cancer CD Series.
Track 1 – Prostate Cancer Part 1:This process focus is on allowing the direct suggestions to direct the cell growth, the tissue growth and the muscle expansion required to rejuvenate the malfunctioning gland. You will create a path of communication down through your spine, all the way down and around to your Prostate. You will imagine the Prostate return to its smaller plum like appearance as your body repairs and renews the cells. It also focuses on bladder control returning to normal. 28 minutes
Track 2 – Prostate Cancer Part 2:This process is on repairing prostate cancer by imagining a sewage plant with a pump house, which supplied sewage to filters for separation. Inside this pump house is a gland and like any mechanical gland it can be over tightened and so restrict the flow of the fluids is not being allowed to pass. You will travel down once you have the tools to fix it. 21 minutes
Track 3 – Cancer Pain Relief: In this process you will be able to realize that you can speed up or slow down the sensations and find relief. 28 minutes
Track 4 – Freeing Your Body of Cancer: This process will focus on visualizing and realizing that the cancerous cells in your body are shrinking and getting smaller in your mind’s eye. You will focus on rebuilding every cell, every system and every organ of your body. You will imagine the white blood cells dissolving and ridding the body of cancerous cells in your body. You will also let go any negative thoughts, beliefs and outside influences. 36 minutes

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