Self Healing Cancer Series One CD



2 Disc Cancer CD Series.
Track 1 – Cancer Recovery Guided Imagery:
You will imagine all your cancer treatments successful . You will imagine what you must do to maintain your health as well as returning yourself back to your daily activities. You will imagine yourself having fun with family and friends. You will imagine achieving your goals in life and your immune system healthy throughout your body. This process contains positive affirmations. 30 minutes
Track 2 – Cancer Surgery Guided Imagery: You will imagine yourself prepared emotionally, mentally and physically for your surgery. You will affirm you are prepared. You will imagine yourself peaceful and calm before your surgery. Your vital body signs will be stable during your surgery as you imagine your doctor performing a successful surgery. It is suggested that you will also have minimal discomfort after your surgery and you will imagine all your incisions are healed completely. This process contains positive affirmations. 36 minutes
Track 3 – Cancer Treatment: In this self hypnosis cancer treatment process you will access the store house of your mind that has caused the cancer. Your mind will automatically work out the solution to this problem and determine the best way to cleanse the cancer out of your body. It is suggested that the healing power and energy of your mind and body are beginning to function properly to cure your body completely. You will imagine what the cancer looks like as well as your white blood cells. You will imagine the white blood cells eliminating the cancer cells and leaving your body healthy and strong. 35 minutes
Track 4 – Anesthesia Pain Reduction: In this self hypnosis pain reduction process you will be able to notice the level of pain you are holding at the moment and be able to deliberately change it. You can detach from the sensations of discomfort and discover relief.30 minutes


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