Self Healing Cancer Series Seven CD



2 Disc Cancer CD Series.
Track 1 – Preparing for Successful Surgery: This process is designed for you to listen to it several days before your surgery. You will relax your body, release any tension and invite healing images on you recovery from surgery. There are suggestions about healing the cancer and positive affirmations. On the morning of your surgery, listen to track 2.
Track 2 – Successful Surgery Preparation (Day of Procedure): This process is designed for you to listen to on the day of surgery, either before, during or after you take any preoperative medications. You can play it as often as you like and you can even ask a member of the medical staff to let you play it during surgery. Your unscious will respond to suggestions even when you are anesthetized. 35 minutes
Track 3 – Guided Imagery for Healing after Surgery: This process is for when you are recovering from surgery. You can play it as soon after you awaken and as often as you like. You will relax, release discomfort and imagine yourself in a special place. 30 minutes
Track 4 – Endorphin Drip Imagery: This imagery process will allow you to reduce any muscle tension that can amplify pain. 30 minutes

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