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Self Healing Cancer Series Three CD



2 Disc Cancer CD Series.
Track 1 -Freeing Your Body of Cancer: This process will focus on visualizing and realizing that the cancerous cells in your body are shrinking and getting smaller in your mind’s eye. You will focus on rebuilding every cell, every system and every organ of your body. You will imagine the white blood cells dissolving and ridding the body of cancerous cells in your body. You will also let go any negative thoughts, beliefs and outside influences. 36 minutes
Track 2 – PacMan Cancer Visualization: This process focus is on healing as well as pain relief. You will find any part of your body that is currently feeling any pain or discomfort and go into a healing space to change it. Then you will imagine the white marker cells as Pacman moving and flowing through your blood stream. You will energize these Pacman cells as well as imagine any tumors shrinking within your body. This CD goes even deeper and removes the cell memory of fear and doubt, trauma and pain. This is one of the most powerful cancer healing CD’s I offer to my clients. It will fill you with understanding and self love. 35 minutes
Track 3 – Coping with Chemotherapy: In this process you will leave all your worries behind and imagine yourself in a magnificent garden of hope. From there you will see a time for yourself in the future when you are healed and well again. This garden will comfort you and allow you to dream of new possibilities. 30 minutes
Track 4 – Endorphin Drip Imagery: This imagery process will allow you to reduce any muscle tension that can amplify pain. 30 minutes

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