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Self Hypnosis fear of needles for cancer patients MP3 Download



Self Hypnosis fear of needles for cancer patients MP3 Download:  You may have experienced having a needle inserted rather uncomfortably and this online self hypnosis fear of needles for Cancer Patients audio recording will assist you with that feeling of tension. With this audio recording you will be able to quiet the chattering mind, relax your body and take yourself to a place that is soothing to you. You will learn with this self hypnosis fear of needles mp3s to distract yourself easily, so the medical process will fade into the background of your mind. All self hypnosis fear of needles cds are professionally recorded by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within. 30 minutes

FREE Guided Imagery for cancer patients-without saying the word cancer

Testimonial from TE – Cancer Survivor (Norfolk, MA) – September 2009
“Kerie your CD on Destroying and Dissolving Cancer Cells Guided Imagery has made a big difference in my life. Your voice and words are so soothing. I have recommended you to many of my friends. You truly have a gift.”

Testimonial M.Brody – Cancer Patient (Israel) – November 2011 
“Shalom Kerie, I have been listening to your recordings daily. I don’t know what all the content is, since I always fall asleep after a minute or two, but I wake up feeling restored, and with a smile on my face. Must be doing something good! Thank you so much!”

Testimonial from SD – Bone Cancer Patient (Klamath Falls, OR) – August 2008
“After listening to Kerie’s Guided Imagery Cancer Meditation CD for the first time, I noticed an improved difference. I felt better, more hopeful, I had more energy, and I even took my dog for a walk. I have not been outside my home in over a month. I love and cherish this cd. Her work is truly wonderful and I highly recommend them.”

Testimonial from Becky B (Golden, CO) – June 2008
“I wanted to tell you that I listened (under anesthesia) to the cancer surgery CD on my Ipod over and over again while I had surgery for a double mastectomy last week. I woke up feeling great and my surgeons say I get the “award” for feeling and looking so good in the days immediately following surgery. I think part of it must be listening to these CD’s before, during and after the surgery. So thanks!”

Testimonial from S. Rawlings (Canada) – March 2007
“Thank you Kerie for the wonderful work you do to sooth and assist people with cancer. Your voice is so relaxing and peaceful. Your words fill me with hope, compassion, strength, and peace of mind. You truly have a gift and you are a blessing to this world. Keep up the good work!”

Testimonial from Derk R. – Cancer Survivor (British Columbia) – May 2007
“Thank you Kerie for all the wonderful CD’s you make for people with cancer. I have been making my own tapes for my cancer treatment, but your CD’s are very powerful, unique and comforting. Your advice on reading Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief” has changed my life as well. Thank you so much for your support, your voice and the gifts you bring to this world.”


Voted Best Hypnotist of Salem Oregon for Hypnosis in 2011 and 2012

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