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Self Hypnosis for Empty Nest Syndrome for Parents CD



Track 1: Hypnosis Help for Empty Nest Syndrome: When your nest is empty at home, it can bring about a lot of new emotions, worries, and a sense of loss. When your child leaves the nest, this is a big significant step in life. Your role as a parent has come to a crossroad and you have a new life. This new life can be one of personal freedom and discovery. It can be a time of personal growth and trust. This process will help smooth the transition and assist in putting your worrisome thoughts to rest. This is a beginning of something new and the end of something familiar. What you do with this new journey and thought process will greatly benefit your child in independence and success. In reality…its a gift to both the parent and the child. 30 minutes
Track 2: Hypnosis Help You Worry Less about Your Children: Our imagination at times can get the best of us and we can feel lost in the worry about what could happen to our children. This worry can make us over-protective and can limit our child’s opportunities to learn valuable life lessons and develop independence. Worry tends to raise your blood pressure and it releases stress hormones. It can disrupt your sleep and make you feel exhausted. In this process you will learn to instinctively calm down those worrisome thoughts, become more calm and clear minded as well as think in a more detached objective manner. 30 minutes

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