Self Hypnosis Instruction CD



Track 1 – Centering Yourself: This process is for anyone who feels caught up in a situation where your emotions are beginning to rock around and you have noticed a strange shift in consciousness. It is like you are not centered, grounded or balanced. At times our consciousness has left us and attached itself to someone or something that is upsetting you. It is like you have lost yourself and given away your power. At times you cannot think straight, you cannot control your emotions and/or your body even feels out of hand. This process will bring consciousness back into the body, in the center where it belongs and attach to the true Self. 27 minutes
Track 2 – Subconscious Releasing: The subconscious mind has no investment in our imprints and impressions and releases them when instructed. This process, in conjunction with “Inner Direction”, provides a total package of instruction to the unconscious mind for resolution and to the subconscious mind for release of contributing factors hindering someone from reaching their goals. 30 minutes

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