Snoring for the Listener Help with Self Hypnosis Suggestions CD



Track 1 – Snoring for the Listener: This process is designed to assist the listener sleep deeply if their partner or mate is snoring. You will also view snoring in a different light. Instead of it being a negative, it can be a positive. This process has been very successful with clients and they are now able to sleep peacefully when and if their partner still snores. 19 minutes
Track 2 – Imagery for Sleeplessness: For some, sleep can be a struggle. You can become so tired that your body is begging to sleep, but you can’t. This can become a negative cycle and can create frustration. You want to sleep so badly, but you fear that you cannot. Sometimes that fear and frustration can make it worse. This track is perfect for anyone who struggles with these issues. 29 minutes

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