Sounds of frog at night mp3 download



Sounds of frog at night mp3 download at Empowered Within hypnosis.

sounds of frog at night mp3 download


Sounds of frog at night mp3 download Product Description: Listening to the sounds of nature can be very relaxing. You can utilize this sounds of frog at night mp3 download to help you sleep, let go stress, quiet your mind, take yourself some place safe within your mind, and/or meditate. You can listen to the sound of frogs at night mp3 download and allow yourself to feel a growing calmness and comfort within your body. Hearing the frogs croaking at night You will observe your relaxation developing and in time too, your mind quieting down. Feel refreshed, content and at ease with yourself and the world around you. Just letting the little things go and going within to a place of comfort and stillness. 30 minutes

We suggest you find a quiet place to relax and listen. For most people, it helps to listen just before bedtime. You can listen on your phone, computer, tablet, or mp3 player. If you fall asleep, don’t worry. It takes 45 minutes before the conscious mind goes to sleep. And if you like, you can play it on a continuous loop throughout the night.

So, if the mind starts to drift and dream, just allow it. If you listen intently to every sound, you are defeating the purpose of relaxation and now allowing your brainwave patterns to slow down into Theta. Theta is the state that hypnosis is most effective and it allows access to your subconscious mind. So, relax, listen, drift, allow the changes to happen, and enjoy!

This sounds of frog at night mp3 download was professionally recorded by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within.

For best results, it is recommended to listen to your sounds of frog at night mp3 download audio recording for at least 30-days, every day.

sounds of frog at night mp3 download

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