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stop smoking hypnosis

Are you ready to quit smoking with hypnosis? Do you have questions about your quit smoking hypnosis goals? Are you curious how hypnotism to stop smoking works? Well I am here to tell you that quit smoking hypnosis works! I have helped over 300,000 people with my quit smoking hypnosis program.

How is Empowered Within different when it comes to stop smoking?

  1. Your name is the recording or without. You get to pick

  2. You get to pick the relaxation induction (tropical island, hiking, mountain lake, fishing, sailing, garden, waterfall, cabin in the woods with a good book, fireplace, camping, or relax different parts of your body, or both

  3. You can have subliminal affirmations to stop smoking softly in the background as a double layer to quit smoking

  4. You can select to drift off to sleep at the end of the recording or wake up, or have both suggested

  5. You can pick the type of relaxing music you prefer

  6. You can select nature sounds to enhance your visualization experience during the relaxation induction

  7. You can have healing tones or solfeggio frequency

  8. You can request a theta super charge that helps connect the right and left brain for greater success

Voted Best Hypnotist in Salem, Oregon for the past 12 consecutive years
stop smoking hypnosis

Testimonial from Christy K. – Business Owner (Santa Rosa, CA) – October 2006
“Kerie has truly changed my life! I have smoked for over 30 years. I have tried to quit smoking several times. I tried hotel seminars, hypnosis tapes, gum, patches, cold turkey, etc. I even went to Positive Changes Hypnosis to quit smoking and it cost me $1,200. Out of desperation, someone recommended Kerie to me. I was very skeptical because Kerie use to work at Positive Changes Hypnosis, but she seemed so positive. I thought why not. After my 1st session, I cut back from smoking 2-packs a day to 8 cigarettes. I was impressed and knew I was on the right track. I never had these results before. After the 2nd session, I cut out smoking at home and only smoked 3 cigarettes at work. The final session, I quit smoking. I did not think it was possible, but Kerie made it happen. My daughter and girlfriend are very proud of me and we all thank you Kerie.”

stop smoking hypnosis

  • One custom hypnosis cd and/or mp3 download emailed to you

  • One personal online or in person coaching session

  • Two starter kit cds or 5 mp3 downloads (1 emergency anchoring technique, 3 stop smoking affirmations, and one tips reminder of why you are a non-smoker. Great to listen to while driving or craving a cigarette)

  • One information packet for becoming a non-smoker


Here is what one client has to say: “Thank you, I searched many websites but I stuck to yours because the amount of information you provided really felt like you cared for your service and it didn’t come of as commercial at all, like some other places. It was also informative from different perspectives and not forceful and I liked that we were offered personal contact with you. Your website has an overall unique touch, it doesn’t come up in your face, it looks personal and unique to you – so it makes us feel like you are sharing a little piece of yourself too and that somehow gave me more trust in your service than other websites that came off a bit commercial. 

I provide “service”(online platform) myself, so I hoped this information could be useful to you because I know “client perspective” can be helpful and encouraging to know. 



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