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Stop using food as a reward mp3 at Empowered Within.

stop using food as a reward mp3

In this stop using food as a reward mp3 audio recording, you first learn to quiet your mind and relax the body. Then you will be open to the positive suggestions to embrace the idea that in order to be successful with your weight loss goals, you must first embrace a healthy eating pattern that you know you can live with and be in control when you attend parties or events. We all know what to eat and not eat. The average person can gain around 5 to 8 pounds per year during the holidays. Then we have the overeating at meetings, events, parties, happy hour with friends, completed a project, and/or times of celebration. Over time, that weight adds up and your 20 to 30 pounds heavier. If you struggle with the holidays, family gatherings or parties, this stop using food as a reward mp3 download process will benefit you greatly. You can still eat and drink, you just do it in moderation and with a sense of control.

It is recommended to listen to this stop using food as a reward mp3 for at least 30-days for the best results.

This stop using food as a reward mp3 was professionally recorded by Kerie Logan at Empowered Within. 29 minutes


  • What to expect when using your stop using food as a reward mp3 at Empowered Within.

    You will know when you have resolved the issue at hand. You will feel as though you are complete with certain sessions. At this point, simply continue with the sessions you feel you still need to focus on. Aversions will arise and just work through them. When you are trying to create a deep change within yourself, there may be issues that don’t easily release. Your commitment to your program is imperative to your success. If you stick with it and allow the changes to happen, you will see these issues start to release for you. Don’t make work of it; just allow it to unfold naturally. Relaxation and space repetition are the keys!

stop using food as a reward mp3

  • How Effective is Hypnosis?

    A Comparison Study in American Health Magazine:

    Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

    Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

    Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 10 sessions

There are three types of people hypnosis does not work:

1. Someone with an I.Q. below 70 or severe mental problems.
2. Someone who is on a great deal of drugs like heroin, speed or intoxicated by alcohol
3. Someone that just does not want to be hypnotized. You cannot force anyone to do anything they are not willing to do. If you are willing and you want the changes, then all you really need to do is relax and allow the positive suggestions to unfold.


How does Empowered Within incorporate hypnosis for my Success?

In the state of hypnosis, I incorporate carefully personalized suggestions based on each specific topic. I integrate positive suggestions for change, while focusing on dissipating and dissolving any negative habits, negative beliefs and self-imposing limitations. Eventually the self-imposing limitations lose their grip, while the positive begins to drive your conscious thinking, actions and beliefs. Hypnosis will and can assist you in gaining the ability to break through your own self-imposed limitations. I have utilized hypnosis and it assisted me in breaking free of the shackles of my past, present, and future negative patterns. I assisted me in staying focused, believing in myself, healing others, and making a positive difference in people’s lives.



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