Your Inner Advisor (Developing Your Intuition) CD



Track 1 – Meet Your Inner Advisor Part One: In this developing psychic abilities process you will enter a large room and at the far side of this room you will notice a table. Someone is sitting a the table, their back is toward you so at the moment you cannot see who is there, but you already have a feeling – you have a strong feeling inside that you know who this person is. You will walk over to satisfy your curiosity and as you walk closer, you begin to recognize who is there. Perhaps it’s someone you know and love, if so, you can embrace, perhaps it’s a friend or someone who is not yet a friend, but will soon be – you can extend your arms and greet your friend. You will have a question to ask of your friend. For your friend is here to provide you with a clue, or maybe even the solution to your problem. In this process you will put your concern into words. Ask your question, carefully in your mind, and wait for the answer. 28 minutes
Track 2 – Meet Your Inner Advisor Part Two: This developing psychic abilities process is similar to the one above, it’s just in a different style. 26 minutes

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