Quit smoking hypnosis

Quit smoking hypnosis success stories at Empowered Within.

Quit smoking hypnosis


Quit smoking hypnosis Testimonial from Christy K. – Business Owner (Santa Rosa, CA) – October 2006
“Kerie has truly changed my life! I have smoked for over 30 years. I have tried to quit smoking several times. I tried hotel seminars, hypnosis tapes, gum, patches, cold turkey, etc. I even went to Positive Changes Hypnosis to quit smoking and it cost me $1,200. Out of desperation, someone recommended Kerie to me. I was very skeptical because Kerie use to work at Positive Changes Hypnosis, but she seemed so positive. I thought why not. After my 1st session, I cut back from smoking 2-packs a day to 8 cigarettes. I was impressed and knew I was on the right track. I never had these results before. After the 2nd session, I cut out smoking at home and only smoked 3 cigarettes at work. The final session, I quit smoking. I did not think it was possible, but Kerie made it happen. My daughter and girlfriend are very proud of me and we all thank you Kerie.”

Quit smoking hypnosis Testimonial from Tracy R. – CNA (Pleasant Hill, OR) – March 2009
“I have been smoking for 24 years and I wanted to be finally free of cigarettes. Kerie assisted me first cutting back the on the smoking habit and finally kicking the bad habit for good. Thank you for your commitment and patience with me.”

Quit smoking hypnosis Testimonial from Pam T. (Albany, OR) – April 2010
“Kerie, you were my last resort. I was skeptical at first, but I am so impressed by my results. I am trying to get all my smoker friends to come see you. I feel so confident in my changes that I even bought a pack of cigarettes for my friend and did not have the urge or desire to smoke. Thank you so much Kerie. You are amazing!”

Quit smoking hypnosis Testimonial from Mcah Sischo, Quality Improvement Facilitator (Salem, Oregon) – July 2011
“Hi Kerie, I was just talking to someone I know about how much you helped me in my quest to quit chewing tobacco. I have just hit my 6month mark and realized that I had never really got a chance to thank you…. Sooooo THANK YOU!!!
My life feels great and I truly feel good about myself. I’m sure you get thank you’s all the time, and they are all deserved.
Thank you again for helping me in reaching my goal and transforming my life!”

Quit smoking hypnosis Testimonial from Anonymous- Corporate Vice President (Kentfield, CA) – September 2005
I am only providing this testimonial for people who have been in my situation and can relate. When I first met Kerie, I wanted to stop smoking. I did not tell her that I wanted to stop smoking pot. I did stop smoking after the second session and than told her about my pot addiction. Most of my golf buddies did it and it was a social thing to do in the Bay Area. It was a hard habit to quit, but Kerie was very professional and supportive. Thank you Kerie.”

Quit smoking hypnosis Testimonial from Tammy Baker (South Carolina) – July 2010
“It’s hard to express all you’ve done for me. I’m still getting better and better every moment of every day — God bless you, as you’ve blessed me. You should be proud of what you do for others. This has been/is a long, tough journey and it couldn’t have happened without you. You helped save my life, Kerie, and I can never thank you enough.”