rescheduling and cancellations

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies at Empowered Within

Since all programs are created to bring the biggest discount to our clients, it is important to call within 24-hours before your scheduled appointment. We know that emergencies happen and kids get sick, therefore we do allow an emergency grace period for such occasions for our existing clients. Just call us within a 24-hour time period and reschedule your appointment. If there is no email or phone communication within the 24-hour period before or after your scheduled appointment, you will be billed for that scheduled time slot and/or you will miss that one-on-one session if it is applied to a program. Just like many other therapists, our time is valuable and we expect mutual respect for our time and efforts to support you. So please call to reschedule to avoid any missed services or additional expenses.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

Cancellation of Programs at Empowered Within

If you decide to cancel your program, we will refund you any remaining money owed for services not rendered. Since we try to give the client the biggest discount possible, we will need to breakdown the services, products, cds, mp3’s, coaching, and any informational packets. Since we do accept programs to be paid in two payments, if you decide to not follow through with your program, we will mostly be submitting you a PayPal invoice for the services provided. For example, a Jump Start Weight Loss Program is $510. In that program you get the following services:

Five one-on-one custom weight loss recordings (cd and mp3) $500 value
Four 1/2-hour health coaching sessions $100 value
1-hour health coaching session $50 value
1 packet of nutritional information $25 value
10 cds $169.50
optional (mp3 formats emailed to you) $79.80

Grand Total $844.50 without mp3’s emailed
Grand Total $924.30 with mp3’s emailed

Rescheduling and Cancellations

As you can see, we do try to bring the biggest discounts to our clients. Not many clients ever cancel a program, but for both parties protection we need to provide this information on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Salem Hypnosis

rescheduling and cancellations at Salem Hypnosis

Four time winner.  Kerie was awarded by the U.S. Commerce Association’s Award,“Kerie Logan, CCHT – Empowered Within Best of Salem Oregon Hypnotism Award”.

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 rescheduling and cancellations at salem hypnosis

rescheduling and cancellations


To view the YouTube video presentation version of “Why and How Kerie Logan became an Intuitive Hypnotherapist”.Click here.

To view the YouTube video of “Kerie’s Professional Code of Ethics”, click here.

Trained in the following areas:

NLP, EFT, Coaching, Teaching Empowerment Classes, Psychology, Counseling, Bereavement/Grief Support Counseling, Child Development, Psychotherapy with Children, Nutrition, Personal Change, and evaluations of potential clients.

Kerie is NOT trained in stage hypnosis and personally does not like that use of hypnosis. Kerie will also not do anything to dis-empower another person. Therefore, she will not do adult diapers, fetishes, enslavement, or other enhance any destructive sexual addictions.

rescheduling and cancelations

Member of the Following Organizations:

Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Member of American Institute of Hypnotherapy – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Member of the American Alliance of Hypnotists

Member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapist’s

Member of the Association of Professional Hypnotherapist’s