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The Best Hypnosis mp3 at Empowered Within: Combining the Three Elements ~ (Mind, Body & Spirit, Guided Imagery, Breath-work & Hypnosis)

best hypnosis mp3

Is One Method Better Than The Other to create the best hypnosis mp3?

Some may disagree with the statement I am about to make and that is fine. I do believe and have witnessed several clients benefit greatly from all aspect when combined (Breathwork, Guided Imagery and Hypnosis). So many people still have a negative take on hypnosis, like it is mind control. This is how I see it. Anyone who seeks guided imagery, breathwork or hypnosis is seeking the same benefits. The benefits are:

Peace of Mind
Stress Reduction
Sleep Better At Night
Healing (Mind, Body & Spirit)
Achieve Some Form of Positive Change
To be in Control of Their LIFE or Condition
To Go To A Safe Place

Breath-work, Guided Imagery and Hypnosis do all these things and MORE!

You can have some wonderful realization or sensations during breathwork meditation as well as hypnosis and guided imagery. I would not say one is better then the other because in my practice, I incorporate all aspects (breathwork, guided imagery and hypnosis). I find it to be very effective. Some may say that guided imagery does better with specific illnesses or body conditions. I do know that in hypnosis we do focus on that same specific area AND do incorporate guided imagery to see that specific organ healed.

Best hypnosis mp3
best hypnosis mp3

Why Incorporate All Three Elements?

One – We are a Body, Mind and Spirit Being.

Two – Some people have a hard time visualizing or imaging. So, guided imagery is challenging for them.

Three – Some people have a hard time relaxing and they have to do some breathwork in order to allow their body to relax. I have met clients who have been so tense that they feel drained, spent, and are always tense. Then they have not been this relaxed in years!

Four – In the terms of hypnosis, some people are inferred. This means they do not like being told what to do. By incorporating all three elements, people do find a sense of relaxation. They feel like they are in control and they are more open to being guided (once they gather your trust). Once they gather your trust, they are more open to the hypnotic suggestions because they do want and desire the positive outcome. I always start off with breathwork and then guided imagery. Once they are relaxed, I give them some positive hypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis is only giving them a direct suggestion that they already have been giving themselves on a conscious level AND have gotten no results at all! Hypnosis is like positive affirmations to your sub-conscious mind. I use several healing words from Louise Hays and others.

Numerous Lives have changed and this is why this website has been developed. To heal the world, one person at a time. We all want peace in this world, yet we have to find peace within ourselves first. You cannot give peace, unless it is found within us. I have seen and I know the power of the mind. The mind is a wonderful gift we have been given. We just have to learn “HOW” to use our own minds. I hope you find what you are seeking here.

Best hypnosis mp3

best hypnosis mp3

At Hypnosis Salem Oregon we have Audio Recording MP3’s for:

– Addictions                            – Affirming & Focusing               – Alcohol Addiction

– Anger Management           – Anxiety Overcoming                 – Biology of Belief/Self Healing

– Body Image                          – Business Skills                            – Cancer

– Change Self                           – Child Birth                                   – Children & Teens

– Confidence                            – Creative Visualization              – Dealing with Difficult People

– Death                                      – Depression                                  – Exams

– Exercise                                  – Fears & Phobias                         – Forgiveness

– FREE MP3’s                          – Grief/Loss                                   – Guided Imagery

– Habits & Disorders              – Healing Self                                – Health

– Help Hypnosis                     – Hypnotherapy                           – Inner Child Healing

– Insomnia/Sleep                   – Meditation                                  – Memory

– Metaphors                            – Negative Thinking                     – NLP

– Pain Management              – Performance                              – Personal Development

– Personal Empowerment   – Procrastination                         – Progression/Regression

– Prosperity                            – Psychic Development              – PTSD & Traumas

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