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Hypnosis really works. If you watched on Dateline “The Weight Loss Challenge”, you have been surprised about how hypnosis works. Here are my thoughts about the results. The recent show on Dateline showed the use of several diet programs, such as Atkins, Weight Watchers, SlimFast, intense exercise, having your own famous weight loss guru, and hypnosis.. As usual, Dateline did an excellent job in showing “Real People” going through the different diet programs. The results were surprising. The one participants using hypnosis for his weight loss plan lost 13 pounds after one-week.

For an overview of the complete article on the January 5,2004, on the Dateline site,click here.

Dateline did a fantastic job on exposing hypnosis and hypnotherapy to the public. Dateline has high standards and have done an excellent job. Dateline has also shown hypnosis for childbirth. It showed pregnant moms using hypnosis for a peaceful birth.

Here are some important factors from the Dateline results about each participant. Lynne chose extreme exercise for her weight loss challenge. At the start, she can half-walk and half-jog two miles. She put herself on a daily 1,300-calorie diet, which is difficult for some people to stick-with-it. She goal is to run in the Maui Marathon in Hawaii in September. Yet despite all her exercise, her weight doesn’t change in the first three months on the program.

“Gio” or Mark, wanted to lose 35 pounds. He weighted 230 pounds and he had been in good shape most of his life, until a back injury immobilized him and caused him to gain weight. Mark chose the SlimFast diet, mainly because it would be easy. One week on Slim Fast and Gio is up three pounds.

Kathy wanted to take off 40 pounds. Kathy chose Weight Watchers. She had done it before with some success. Kathy counted her points, staying under 20 a day. Kathy stated, “I lost 4.8 pounds, and I was disappointed because I starved all week.”

Marc is 245 pounds and he wanted to lose 50 pounds. The interesting thing about Marc is he is a pastry chef, loves food and is surrounded by sweets. Marc stated that he had developed poor eating habits. Marc decided to try Hypnosis. At Marc’s first hypnosis session, Marc visualized going up an imaginary flight of stairs to get into trance state. The hypnotist then uses suggestions and helped Marc want to exercise and eat nutritious foods. Marc stated that he envisioned something about the “fire coming out of his belly”. Our minds often use a metaphor to represent the releasing of emotional issues, old habits, anger, old patterns, and such. When your mind has a method or tool to release the issues and conflicts, then things change in a positive manner. Even if it is a metaphor, things change quickly. The most interesting thing to me was how Marc was HAPPY. He felt good and it was happening naturally. After one week using hypnosis, Marc lost 13 pounds.

Eleanor weighed 300 pounds and she had never been thin in her life. She chose the workout program, “Eight Minutes in the Morning” with coach Jorge Cruise, who created the program. He has designed a great program and it is worth taking a look at. Eleanor did eight minutes of strength training every day. Jorge Cruise also does work to help with the emotional eating. Eleanor lost three pounds her first week.

Rick chose to do the famous, low-carbohydrate Atkins diet. Rick started exercising, yet some of the problems he experienced were headaches and constipation due to not getting enough vegetables and salad. Rick’s lost 13 pounds on Atkins. There is one concern about Atkins and on the show Rick stated that he was limping and suffering from painful gout. He says this is the most painful attack he has had. Doesn’t sound like a healthy diet to me.

The rest of the results are just as interesting and important. Three weeks into SlimFast diet, the Mark stated that he was starving. He said, “I’m hungry. I’m hungry most of the day…. I’m still going to bed hungry and waking up hungry.” This is not a great way to diet. It is too much pain if you ask me.


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Lynn, found the marathon training at 1,300 calories a day, was not going so well either. She was not losing any weight. If I remember correctly, she was running over 10 miles a day. From what I know about nutrition and weight loss, I am sure she was lacking in protein. Your body needs a certain amount of protein to meet the demands of the exercise routine.

Kathy lost 18 pounds after 3 months of doing Weight Watchers. Kathy said was painful at times. The fact remains that being healthy should not be painful. Eating right and being healthy should feel good. You should be excited about your progress.

Eleanor has lost exactly 24 pounds and the 8 minutes in the morning plan did great. The main fact to consider is Eleanor weighed 300 pounds and when you are that heavy, you will loose a lot more weight in the beginning, compared to others who weigh less. One of the areas that must have assisted her is the part that Jorge does work with emotional eating.

Marc lost the most so far, 40 pounds in three months. The best part was Marc was very happy and happy with the hypnotist. Weight loss is in fact an emotional journey as well as an action journey. Most of the other participants in this weight loss challenge were NOT having a Happy emotional journey. That factor does pay a huge part in keeping the weight off permanently once the show has ended.

Marc was motivated, and stated that he can’t be held back. He loves to exercise, has been eating healthy, nutritious food because he wants to, and not because he has too. Marc stated that all he wants is healthy food. Imagine the possibility that if you wanted to have healthy foods all the time. You would in fact be making a lifestyle change. The only way to lose weight and keep it off permanently is to make a lifestyle change.