Salem Hypnosis Article: Is there a fat gene?

Salem Hypnosis Article: Is There A Fat Gene?

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Matthew Herper, 10.03.02, 8:00 AM ET

The stakes are high: The American Obesity Association estimates that obesity–being 20% or more over one’s ideal body weight–kills 300,000 Americans annually and costs the health care system $100 billion. If effective drugs could treat the disease without any dangerous or unpleasant side effects, they would be surefire blockbusters.

“Obesity is a disease that is crippling the healthcare system,” says Stephen Friend, Merck’s vice president of molecular profiling. “It is still misidentified as a behavioral aberration. In part that is because the current therapies for obesity are mostly ineffective.”

Researchers have been trying to invent drugs that could safely help people lose weight for years, but most have been disappointments.

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