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Salem Hypnosis – Souring On Sweeteners

Salem Hypnosis at Empowered Within Forbes Articles – Souring On Sweeteners

Seth Lubove, 08.06.03, 7:00 AM ET

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NEW YORK – Is the stuff that makes soda sweet as bad for you as the nicotine in a cigarette? No one has scientifically proven that high-fructose corn syrup–the cheap and supersweet concoction that has all but replaced sugar in most leading brands of soda and other foods–is the primary cause of the so-called obesity epidemic in the United States. But that hasn’t stopped a cottage industry of self-appointed consumer advocates, reporters and plaintiffs’ attorneys from fingering corn syrup as the sinister source of the nation’s widening waistline.

No one disputes that as the popularity of HFCS soared following its introduction in 1967, so too have obesity rates. But whether there’s a connection is a point that’s hotly debated. Even the statistics are somewhat misleading. Several newspapers, for instance, including The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, have recently reported that “consumption” of HFCS increased 37% in the U.S. from 1986 to 2001, to 62.6 pounds per person from 45.7 pounds (in contrast to an 8% increase for sugar during the same period, to 64.6 pounds).

salem hypnosis

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