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Salem Hypnosis Returns and Refunds at Empowered Within

Salem Hypnosis Returns and Refunds at Empowered Within:

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In this section I hope to answer any questions you may have about returns, refunds, mp3’s issues, and download errors.

1. Returns: If you order a CD and it is damaged, broken or scratched, we will exchange the product and shipping expenses for FREE. If you return the CD package unopened, we will refund your money in full.

2. Refunds: If you ordered an mp3 or product item twice, we will refund you the money for the extra order. If you download a mp3 and you do not like my voice, well I will not refund your money. We have several FREE samples of my voice and style of work online and on YouTube. If there is an issue with sound quality and/or you are not satisfied with your mp3 download, please contact Kerie Logan at empoweredwithin@yahoo.com first before contacting PayPal Services. Kerie can check the sound quality and send you a different format and/or suggest a different audio recording in exchange. Since an mp3 is downloadable and not returnable, we do not offer refunds for mp3 download(s) because it is now your personal property. We cannot extract it from your computer or phone.

3. We have zero tolerance when requesting an mp3 download refund when there is an email that contains threats, verbal assaults’, name calling, bullying, and other unprofessional and disrespectful comments or actions. Be warned that we do have the right to refuse services in the future. 

4. If you ordered an mp3 and did not get an email with the download information, PLEASE check your spam folder first. If it is not there, please contact us at empoweredwithin@yahoo.com. We can attach the mp3 to the email and/or send it via WeTransfer.com.

5. Download error: If you got a download error and could not get the whole mp3, please contact us. We will send it to you via email.

6. MP3 error: If you downloaded a mp3 and you hear only music and not my voice, let me know. Send me an email. Now if you ordered a subliminal mp3, you should not hear my voice so easily.

7. Once a custom recording  is created (either hypnosis, affirmations, metaphor, subluminal, or any other form of custom recording), per your online order and request (induction, subjects, areas of improvement, frequency tones, nature sounds, affirmations, and other personal requests,) YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN FINALIZED. You can request changes, but a refund is no longer available because the audio recording had been created. We spent the TIME, ENERGY, FOUCS, COMMITMENT, AND ATTENTION  to customizing your personalized request. We also emailed you the audio recording for your review and suggestions.

8. If you communicated a desired change before the custom creation within 24 hours, it it honored. We stand by our work and will make a 1 time modification request, FREE of CHARGE (within reason up to 5 changes.) You need to specify the exact time spot for the change, change in wording and/or remove/revise). If you require additional changes over the standard 5, there will be an additional charge. The changes depend on the time required to fix all the changes you request. Most people do not request a change, but at times there might be 1 or 2 changes.

9. At times when a client requests a custom recording and we feel based off their input and personal information, we might add healing frequency tones, nature sounds, double subliminal voice softly in the background, binaural beats, and positive affirmations softly in the background. If you do not like this added features that are suggested/or added, we can remove them FREE of charge. It was just added to support you in making a positive change within your life and enhance your overall personal change request with our customized/personalized audio recordings.

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salem hypnosis