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Many people are seeking more spiritual advice instead of religious advice. At Empowered Within, I have worked with various people with different religious and spiritual backgrounds. My intention is to support humanity coming from a place of love, wisdom, compassion, acceptance, trust, and confidentiality. The most important things is to create a safe space for open communication.

My approach is to support a person from getting to point A to point B. I do not need to know your entire history, unless I get the sense that generational trauma is impacting one’s life. Then I will ask the person to do the research into their family history to see if there are any repeating patterns like addictions, domestic violence, abuse, narcissism, anxiety, depression, legal issues, or failed relationships/marriages.

You might not know this, but we can store up to seven generations of trauma within our DNA. This means that the issues your grand parents experienced did not get resolved and now the great grand son or daughter is left clueless trying to find a positive solution to set themselves free.

Plus, if you have relationship issues it might mean that your attachment style is impacting your life in a negative manner.

Inspiration into Action

“This testimonial is about how my inner guidance led me to meet Kerie. I had never met Kerie or heard about her. The hypnosis clinic she was working at was offering a free personalized session with her. This voice in my head said, “Do it!” The only time slot available conflicted with my work schedule, but that voice kept saying to me, “Do it!” I decided to take the time slot and I went home.

The next day, things did not go so well at work. I almost cancelled my appointment, but that the urge to go to this appointment was so strong. At that time in my life, I was very confused, I was searching for some answers and I was hoping this new person would be just what I needed. I was desperate and distraught.

I kept my appointment and everything changed for me. Before I even addressed my concerns, Kerie told me what she felt would be good for me today. It was like she was reading me like an open book. She knew what I needed, even before I spoke. When I asked her how she knew my situation, she just laughed and told me, “I hear that all the time.” Kerie answered all my questions, gave me the guidance I needed, made me an incredible CD, and brought hope back into my life. It was like I was called to go see her because I felt so lost. Kerie congratulated me on following my intuition and I am so thankful I did! Kerie, you are a blessing to this world!”

Creating a New Mold

“When I came to see Kerie I was depressed and I felt like an empty shell. I had been working on myself for years and I was tired of trying. I was haunted by my past and I was very angry. At first I did not know if I wanted to work with Kerie. I doubted the stories she told me and how my life could be better. I had tried everything (books, workshops, group meetings, affirmations). Kerie told me that if I was not satisfied after our first session, it was FREE.

My life did change to my disbelief. Kerie helped me create a new mold for myself. I am happier, healthier (mind/body/spirit), I sleep better at night, I am more patient, and the list goes on and on! I have met and worked with many people in my life, but I have never met anyone like Kerie. She treated me like a friend, not a patient.

The greatest gift Kerie gave me was to no longer give a rip what people thought about me. It all had to do with my relationship with myself. Kerie helped me learn to accept myself, to love myself and to stop punishing myself for my mistakes in life.

I finally found ME! Kerie is the real gift and I am blessed to have worked with her. You will be too!”

Parent Coaching

“Bedtime has been a pleasure lately for Bliss and me. The 20-30 minutes we take to read, pray then sing gives her a slow wind down. It has eliminated the 2-4 hours of chasing her back to bed. You have a gift of life coaching. I think it was wise for you to do life-coaching. You have the wisdom of a mother of ten. Thanks again.”

“Kerie is an amazing coach!

When I first came to see Kerie, I wanted to just focus on weight loss. I did not expect my whole life to be transformed. My current life was very boring. I hated my job and I kept getting rejected for promotions. I sort of felt powerless over my life.

One day I told Kerie about my dreams. I always wanted to move to Arizona. I had been dreaming about it for over 10-years. Kerie inspired me to follow my dreams. She wanted me to experience true happiness and joy. Kerie gave me a game plan and suggested to just try it out. She would always say, “If it is meant to be, it will just flow”. Well, I took her advice. I did some research on the Internet and found a hospital in AZ that had a job opening. I got the job! I also found a place to live near the hospital. It was too good to be true! Everything just lined up for me Kerie suggested. Thank you Kerie for inspiring me to greatness!

Issues that I Commonly Treat with my Clients

Creating a Life You LOVE!

I have worked with various clients ranging from six years old to someone in their 90’s. My background and expertise is vast. Let’s create a life you will love!

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anger Management, & Shame

My goal is to support people in finding a sense of relief, feeling safe and heard, and giving them tools to create a positive change within their lives.

Relationships, Family Dynamics & Marriage

Raising a family, struggling with divorce, domestic violence, and relationships can be challenging. Need parenting advice, just ask.

Business, Career, Trading, & Manifesting

Trying to get into that trading zone or needing career or business advice, just ask.

Narcissism and Communication Tools

Not many people are trained in narcissism or mental health. I am trauma informed.

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