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Welcome to Master the Upper Rooms. In this blog post, I will explain the following concepts, history, and the creation of Master the Upper Rooms.


  • What is Master the Upper Rooms?

  • Where did this concept or idea first originate from?

  • Is this clinical evidence or proof that Mastering the Upper Rooms works?

  • Who did the clinical studies and when?

  • Why is Master the Upper Rooms important for everyone to learn?

  • Have you tried Master the Upper Rooms for yourself or clients?

  • How has the success rate been for people who learn how to Master the Upper Rooms?

  • Is there another website or podcast that shares this same information on how to Master the Upper Rooms?

What is Master the Upper Rooms?

Master the Upper Rooms is about discovering where your vibrational set point is within your energy field and systems. For example, if one struggles with relationships, there will be trapped memories, life experiences, emotions, and/or generational traumas influencing and impacting ones life and well-being.

If you struggle with attracting the same type of person (abusive, narcissistic, violent, explosive temper, boring, etc.), there is clearly something stuck or trapped within one or more of your energy system and field.

The good news is this can be cleared within a matter of minutes. I have been able to clear a person within 20 minutes, just by having a conversation and walking them up the steps. Each step shifts a person’s mindset, perspective, habit patterns, behaviors, and beliefs.

If I intuitively get the sense that this person needs to listen to a recording to go deeper into the subconscious mind, I will make recommendations and provide which mp3 download will best support this life changing transformation.


Where did this concept or idea first originate from?

In 2012, I woke up one morning, and what spoke to me led me to write a book called Affirming and Focusing on Living a Better Life.

People have asked, “Well, what does speak to you?” Call it guides, angels, Source, Divine Love, or God – it does not matter. What matters is that the channeled information came from LOVE, and everyone who has read the book has said it was the best manifesting book they have ever obtained.

In Chapter Two, understanding the power of our feelings and emotions, I channeled information that led me to question if this information was, in fact, factual.

In writing this blog post about where this concept or idea originated, I would have to say it came from Divine Love. Not to sound strange, but when a Catholic nun says God talks to you over and over again and claims you are their spiritual advisor, one starts to question the power God has within our world because I have always been about inner beauty and becoming one with LOVE. I am not religious, but 100% spiritual.

Since this channeled information fascinated me, I went onto the internet to see if I could find anything scientific or clinical that could validate this channeled information. To my delight and surprise, I did.

Everything I channeled within this ONE book was about raising one’s vibrational set point, releasing the small self or ego stuck in the shadows, shifting one’s perspective, and becoming ONE with LOVE, which is Divine Love/God.

This book is FREE on my website in the e-book version, and the paperback version can be purchased on Amazon.com.


Is this clinical evidence or proof that Mastering the Upper Rooms works?

Yes, there is clinical evidence to back all the information I channeled within my book and what I was being guided to teach my clients. The image I discovered online that matched the channeled information within my book was from David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

The image is called, “Clinically Proven Map of Consciousness.” Honestly, it blew my mind! My heart beamed with joy and I printed the image out and put in above my computer monitor. Daily, I would look at that image.

Next, I discovered Dr. Hawkins wrote a book titled, Power vs. Force. I bought the book, but listened to the audio book first. When I got to the section about how LOVE vibrates at the energy frequency rate of 500, I immediately felt this deep connection. It was like my entire being was surrounded by Divine Love’s presence.I almost cried because the confirmation was so intense.

When I listened to the section about joy and peace, which energetically vibrates between 540 and 600, again I felt an shift within my energy field. To me, this was validation that I discovered something GOLDEN that could support myself clients in becoming one with the frequency of LOVE!

Therefore, I started to coach my clients how to raise their vibrational set point around various subject matters that were trapped within their energy field and systems. The results were amazing! This channeled information was like the holy grail.

It became my Bible because everything in my life flowed with ease and grace. I was ONE with Divine Love/God and everything around me. My relationship with Divine Love became so strong, that it became a marriage. It was like Heaven on Earth.

Yet, this information is for everyone. Therefore, for this information to become available to everyone from a mental health perspective, I had to experience the dark night of the soul.

My life and world turned upside down by two narcissistic family members. I eventually educated myself and learned that we humans create these types of people. How? By three different parenting styles (neglectful, absent, and authoritarian) and by experiencing abuse, trauma, and bullying.

Who did the clinical studies and when?

 If you Goggle these keywords, “who did the study on the map of human consciousness”, this is the information one will discover.

David R. Hawkins’s teachings on human consciousness and their associated energy fields. Using muscle testing, Dr. Hawkins conducted more than 250,000 calibrations during 20 years of research to define a range of values, attitudes, and emotions that correspond to levels of consciousness.

Now, Power vs. Force was written in 2002, but the maps of consciousness explained was written in 2020. Dr. Hawkins passed away in 2012, the same year I published my first channeling book.

I have not listened or read the map of consciousness explained because there is no reason or purpose. I already channeled this information back in 2012.