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Life Between Lives Session



Life Between Lives Session. You might have a few questions and I am here to help. How is a life between lives session different from a regular past life regression session?

How a life between lives regression hypnotherapy session is different is you are able to explore your most recent past life, but you will be able to go into the Spirit World. During a Soul Life Between Lives session, you are led into a state of deep hypnosis, taken back into the womb, explore your most recent past life, view the passing of that lifetime, and taken into the Spirit World. Once there, you personally meet your Spirit Guide, you are taken to the healing chambers, you get to meet your Soul Cluster Group and, most importantly, you can seek guidance from your own Council of Elders about any problems, issues or concerns in your present lifetime.

life between lives session

With a life between lives session, you can also visit the Place of Body Selection where you chose your present body and find out why you selected this particular body and why you chose your parents. You can also ask why you picked this lifetime, why certain people are in your life, why you were born with a specific health issue, and much more.

The focus is an exploratory one, yet  you may receive healing at any level as a result of gaining awareness and understanding. The most important thing I have learned when doing a life between lives session is the Council never judges, condemns or expresses any form of anger or negative energy. Every life you have lived is reviewed from a higher point of learning. Many clients have referred to this meeting as very important, supportive and comforting. You can learn a great deal about yourself and the lessons you are hear to learn on Earth.

life between lives session

life between lives session

Depending of the life experience on earth of the Soul the council may appear more friendly or serious. You may have 3 to 12 elders. You will be able to explore how they are dressed and if they hold any symbols that hold an important meaning or message for you. Through this process, you have opportunities for learning, healing and tracing the threads of your own soul history. More importantly, you can better understand your path and purpose in your current lifetime as you foster a greater integration of mind, body and spirit in your daily life. These sessions are about 3 to 4 hours. You will need to bring a list of 10 to 15 questions, which will address with your spirit guide or with the elders.

To sample some of my work before having a life between lives session, you can checkout our YouTube Channel. If you refer a friend for a life between lives session, you will get $50 off any custom sessions and your friend will get $50 off their life between lives session.

life between lives session

Still wondering if Kerie Logan at Empowered Within is the best fit for you? Here is what one client shared. “Thank you, I searched many websites but I stuck to yours because the amount of information you provided really felt like you cared for your service and it didn’t come of as commercial at all, like some other places. It was also informative from different perspectives and not forceful and I liked that we were offered personal contact with you. Your website has an overall unique touch, it doesn’t come up in your face, it looks personal and unique to you – so it makes us feel like you are sharing a little piece of yourself too and that somehow gave me more trust in your service than other websites that came off a bit commercial. 

I provide “service”(online platform) myself, so I hoped this information could be useful to you because I know “client perspective” can be helpful and encouraging to know. ” Adelina

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